Dance Festival Update

As all Scottish country dancers know, it has not been possible to meet and dance together during this dreadful pandemic year.  With no classes and no dancing the SCD festival committee has been unable to issue a syllabus for the 2021 March festival.  Although the news of a vaccine brings hope that Scottish country dancing will be possible as some point in 2021, at present, it is just not feasible to make any arrangements for a festival in the early part of the year and it has therefore been decided to cancel the March 2021 festival.

 The SCD festival committee will keep monitoring the situation and, when we are all safely able to meet and dance together again, if it is in any way possible, we will do our utmost to mark the 2021 SCD festival.  We won’t be able to have our normal festival but it will be a joy just to meet together again and celebrate our style of dance.  Details of any event will be uploaded to the website as and when available.