Speech & Drama Results Monday 13th June

A lovely morning of story telling and verse at Holburn Verse this morning.

Morning winners were:

Code Class Age Performer
SD01 Story Telling 8 & under Emily Cruickshank
SD02 Story Telling Age 9-11 Manas Satheesh
SD03 Story Telling Age 12-17 Abhijith Kkumar
SD08 Solo Verse Age 6-7 Daniel Lip
SD09 Solo Verse Age 8-9 Aayush Nagdeve
SD10 Solo Verse Age 10-11 Aiden Simpson
SD11 Solo Verse Age 12 Riyanish Kirodian
SD12 Solo Verse Age 13-14 Angel George
SD17 Scots Verse Age 6-11 James Tulip

Afternoon winners were:

Code Class Name Level Performer
SD18 Scots Verse Age 12-17 Riyansh Kirodian
SD21 Burns Age 12-17 Milan George
SD26 English Prose Age 8-9 Aayush Nagdeve
SD27 English Prose Age 10-11 Ellen Mair
SD28 English Prose Age 12 Riyansh Kirodian
SD29 English Prose Age 13-14 Angel George
SD33 Sight Reading Age 8-9 Aayush Nagdeve
SD34 Sight Reading Age 10-11 Manasa Satheesh
SD35 Sight Reading Age 12 Riyansh Kirodian

Evening winners were:

Code Class Name Level Performer
SD99 Tell a Joke Age 9-11 James Shand
SD44 Verse Drama Individual Secondary Aditya Nagdeve
SD53 Drama Individual Secondary Angel George
SD54 Drama Individual Open Max Paterson
SD59 Devised Drama Secondary The McGill School of Speecn & Drama
SD68 Creative Group Performance Secondary The McGill School Seniors