Please be patient.  We know you are all anxious to enjoy receiving your well deserved trophies.  However we need to do a quick annual check.  Many of our trophies are fairly old, and may need the odd repair here and there.  

We like to make sure they are looking as good as they can be.  Please give them a polish up if you can before returning them to save our volunteers this job.

To avoid any damage in travel, please put your trophy in a good sized box and pack with bubblewrap or something soft.

Centenary preparations.
We are putting together a comprehensive list of our trophy winners and will be researching their history as part of our preparations for the festival centenary in 2023.  Some of you have very kindly provided us with a list of past winners from your trophy. If you can help by doing this, it would be much appreciated: please send a list of trophy winners by year to 

The Festival does not hold many historical records, so if you, or any of your family, have any information about your trophy, its origins, or something about a past recipient, please do get in touch.  This is a big project and all help will be much appreciated.