The Vocal section provided a full week of entertainment, at all levels, and was an absolute delight for audiences.  We are exceptionally fortunate in the Aberdeen area to have such a fantastic and enthusiastic group of teachers who continue to support the festival.  The performances of their pupils do credit to their work.

Choir day was a disappointment in terms of numbers, but not in terms of performances.  We were encouraged to take the plunge and book the Music Hall, but at the end of the day, we had fewer entries than anticipated, further depleted as the recent round of Covid hit and performers were forced to withdraw.  This did not affect the joy of hearing live singing from many of our festival stalwarts. A very well done to all.

The Vocal Bursary was awarded to Andrew Robertson.

The finalists in the Vocal Challenge were Andrew Robertson, Eve Begg and Kristen Forbes, and the overall winner this year was Kristen Forbes who was accompanied by William Gray.  It was a memorable evening and we wish all well for the future.

Sunday 12th June
Code Class Level Winner
V76X Operetta Solo Secondary Lily-Bell Gill
V78X Operetta Solo Open: 18 & Over Andrew Robertson
V72X Gilbert & Sullivan Solo Secondary Tiana Mudkavi
V74X Gilbert & Sullivan Solo Open: 18 & Over Eve Begg
Monday 13th June - Afternoon
Code Class Level Winner
V37 Vocal Solos Girls S1-2 Leah Elrick 
V38 Vocal Solos Girls S3-4 Tiana Mudkavi
V40 Vocal Solos Boys S1-2 Charlie Tole
V63X Hebridean Song S1-2 Amber Craig
V64X Hebridean Song S3-4 Lily-Bell Gill
V58X Scots Song S1-2 Ellie Stewart
V59X Scots Song S3-4 Jt. Lucy Morris & Ayla Chalmers
V68X Folk Song S1-2 Jt. Amber Craig & Lois Wilson
Monday 13th June - Evening
Code Class Level Winner
V47X Vocal Solos Oratorio Open: S.5-6 Rebecca West
V48X Vocal Solos Oratorio Open: 18 & Over Kristen Forbes
V49X Vocal Solos Bach Oratorio Open: S.5-6 Withdrawn
V50X Vocal Solos Bach Oratorio Open: 18 & Over Kristen Forbes 
V45X Vocal Solos Operatic Open: S.5-6 Rebecca West
V46X Vocal Solos Operatic Open: 18 & Over Eve Begg
V43X Vocal Solos Classical Open: S.5-6 Poppy Strachan
V44X Vocal Solos Classical Open: 18 & Over Andrew Robertson
Tuesday 14th June
Code Class Level Winner
V87XA Light Music Solo S1-2 Jt. Amber Craig & Megan Macmillan 
V88XA Light Music Solo S3-4 Aimee Duguid 
V83XA Light Music Solo S1-2 Amber Craig
V84XA Light Music Solo S3-4 Ayla Chalmers 
V91X Light Music Ensemble S1-3 Eve Flett And Sagy Elsayed 
V88XB Light Music Solo S3-4 Katie Mowat 
V61X Scots Song Open: 18 & Over Andrew Robertson
V71X Folk Song Open: 18 & Over Laura Maclarty
V86X Light Music Solo Open: 18 & Over Samuel Anderson
V90X Light Music Open: 18 & Over Samuel Anderson 
Wednesday 15th June
Code Class Level Winner
V02X Choirs Primary School Junior Class Choir (P3-P5) Pupils in a Single Class Danestone Primary
V03X Choirs Primary School Junior Choir (P3-P5) Robert Gordon's College Junior School P4/5 Choir
V04X Choirs Primary School Senior Class Choir (P6-7) Forehill P.6 Choir
V01X Choirs Nursery and Infants School Choir: P3 & Younger Jt. Dyce Primary 3fr Choir & Dyce Primary 3c Choir
V05X Choirs Primary School Choir Braehead Primary Choir
V92X Light Music Ensemble S4-6 Anna Lamb, Faith McAllister, Danielle Dupitas
V16X Choirs Mixed Voice Choir: Open Aurora
V75X Gilbert & Sullivan Ensemble: Open Aberdeen Gilbert & Sullivan Society
V15X Choirs Male Choir: Open Granite City Chorus
V22X Vocal Groups Open Ad Hoc
V18X A Cappella (Incl. Barbershop) Choir: Open Jt. Albacappella & Granite City Chorus 
Thursday 16th June
Code Class Level Winner
V81A Light Music P.4-5 Merryn Benson
V82 Light Music P.6-7 Isabella Melville
V83XB Light Music Solo S1-2 Lauren Taylor
V87XB Light Music Solo S1-2 Leah Elrick 
V57X Scots Song Primary Tejaswini Vinod 
V62X Hebridean Song Primary Kyla Falconer 
V67X Folk Song Primary Jt. Tejaswini Vinod & Sofia Middleton
V60X Scots Song S5-6 Lauren Yule
V65X Hebridean Song S5-6 Poppy Strachan
V69X Folk Song S3-4 Katie Mowat 
V39X Vocal Solos Girls: S5-6 Poppy Strachan
V70X Folk Song S5-6 Lauren Yule
V85X Light Music Solo S5-6 Jt. Danielle Dupitas, Charlotte Crockett & Eve Cormack
V89X Light Music Solo S5-6 Fraser Wood
Friday 17th June
Code Class Level Winner
V31 Vocal Solos Girls P5 Jt. Tamia Fraser & Lorna Deans
V30 Vocal Solos Girls P4 Jt. Kyla Falconer & Robyn Quin
V32 Vocal Solos Girls P6 Alyssa Usmani
V33 Vocal Solos Girls P7 Jr. Isabella Melville & Sophie Thomas
V36 Vocal Solos Boys P6-7 Navaneeth Vasudevan
V80 Light Music P.3 and Under Sofia Middleton
V81B Light Music P.4-5 Mia Cameron
V84XB Light Music Solo S3-4 Holly Mackintosh