Recorder & Woodwind

JUNE 2023
Sadly there is no Recorder & Woodwind section this year due to lack of volunteers to run the Charity.
If you wish the Charity to continue in the future please contact

Adjudicator: N/A

Classes are Own Choice, apart from Recorder Age 12 & Under, 
For classes marked with an "X" (Grades 5 and above) titles are required with the entry, and are helpful for programming for all classes.

    Copies of works being performed should be provided for the adjudicator on the day.

      An Official Accompanist (O.A.) is available for all classes apart from the Open and the Recital classes. Performers must provide their own accompanist for these classes.  Anyone encountering difficulty with this should contact the Festival at as soon as possible.

      If the O.A. is requested, hard copy of the music must be submitted by 20th May 2022 otherwise the O.A. will not be available.  Please send to NESPA, c/o EPS, 4th Floor, H1 Building, Anderson Drive, Aberdeen, AB15 6BL. 

      Participants are reminded that they can take part in any class on a non-competitive basis and receive a full adjudication.

      Photograph: Julian Maunders Photo-Portraiture 

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