Recorder & Woodwind

Adjudication: Janet Ross

New for 2019: 

  • There are no non-competitive classes in this section, other than RW02 and RW36. Performers are reminded that they are welcome to take part in any class on a non-competitive basis.  Please indicate this intention on the entry application.


  • The Sunhoney prize for an outstanding performance in RW03 – RW11.
  • Further Recorder classes are available with Flute – see below.
Woodwind & Recorder:
  • The Woodwind instruments are grouped, and recorder included with flute. All classes are “Own Choice”:
  • Up to grade 4 – no titles are required with the entry, nor music.
  • For grades 5-8 – an “X” shows that titles are required with the entry and a copy of the music on the day for the adjudicator.


The Official Accompanist (O.A.) will be available if required. For classes grade 5 and above, if the O.A. is requested, hard copy of the music must be submitted by 20thMay 2019 otherwise the O.A. will not be available.  Please send to NESPA, 4th Floor, H1 Building, Anderson Drive, Aberdeen, AB15 6BL.  Original copies must be brought on the day for the accompanist.