Tuesday 14th June 2022: Scots Poetry Workshop


Tuesday 14th June: 7-8pm
Mannofield Church, Great Western Road, Aberdeen 

Join us with an evening exploring Scots Poetry with this year's adjudicator Judey Struth.

Everything’s Better In Scots!

It’s true! The humour’s better – and we have some fabulously funny poems and sayings to get us all giggling.

The nostalgia, heartache and pathos is better – there’s no language like Scots for expressing emotion and it lends itself awfully well to a bit of yearning.

The anger’s better – fine, strong, evocative words to help you relish your rage!

If you’ve ever felt you would like to learn a few words of your mother tongue, come along and join the fun. Bring your favourite Scots poem or just listen and enjoy everyone else’s, from Burns to Violet Jacob, from William Soutar to JK Annand.

Our language is a joy to speak and to listen to – and it’s even better when you know what it means!

Cost £10 for the evening.  To book a place, click here.
For more information please contact Shirley McGill.