Speech and Drama: 8th - 9th June

Programme details can be found here:

Tuesday 8th June morning
Code Class Name Winner
SD01 Story telling: 8 & U Tejaswini Vinod
SD02 Story telling: 9-11 Riyansh Kirodian
SD03 Story telling: 12-16 Tanish Kirodian
SD06 Solo Verse: 6-7 Joint: Sai Premkumar & Tejaswinin Vinod
SD07 Solo Verse: 8-9 Ellen Mair
SD09 Solo Verse: 11-12 Nelly Hatab


 Tuesday 8th June afternoon
Code Class Name Winner
SD10 Solo Verse: age 13-14 Hannah Mair
SD14 Scots verse: age 6-11 Riyansh Kirodian
SD15 Scots verse: age 12-16 Tanish Kirodian
SD17 Burns: age 11 & U Riyansh Kirodian
SD18 Burns: age 12-15 Joint: Noah Griffin & Tanish Kirodian
SD22 English Prose: age 6-7 Tejaswini Vinnod
SD23 English Prose: age 8-9 Tanav Nithin
SD24 English Prose: age 10 Charlotte Andersen

Tuesday 8th June Evening

Code Class Name Winner
SD86 Tell a Joke - or Two: Open James Shand
SD12 Solo Verse: Open
SD27 English Prose: age 15-16 Emma Simpson
SD40 Verse Drama Individ.: 13 & U Angel George
SD41 Verse Drama Individ. :16 & U Hannah Mair
SD42 Verse Drama Individ.: Open Sam Allan
SD46 One Minute Monologue Millie Scott
SD48 Drama Individual: 16 & U Noah Griffin
SD49 Drama Individual: Open Sam Allan


Wednesday 9th June Morning

Code Class Name Winner
SD79 Write your own poem: 9-11 Tanav Nithin
SD82 Write  your own story: 9-11 Riyansh Kirodian
SD83 Write  your own story: 12-16 Leah Elrick
SD25 English Prose: 11-12 Tanish Kirodian
SD26 English Prose: 13-14 Gokula Madhukar
SD37 Public Speaking: Solo 11 & U

Joint: Tejaswini Vinod &
Yashila Munuiandy

SD38 Public Speaking: Solo 12-16 Kimberley Smith
SD39 Public Speaking: Solo Open Tanish Kirodian


Wednesday 8th June afternoon

Code Class Name Winner
SD08 Solo Verse: age 10 Charlotte Andersen
SD29 Prepared Reading: age 6-7
SD31 Prepared Reading: age 10 Charlotte Andersen
SD32 Prepared Reading: age 11-12 Nelly Hatab
SD34 Prepared Reading: age 15-16 Emma Simpson


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