The Aberdeen Music Festival has been running for over 100 years, and only every stopped for the war (not even the Corona virus has beaten us!).  We have the aim of promoting and encouraging  music playing, dance, speech and drama in a festival and supportive environment .

These aims are especially important during these difficult times as people are feeling isolated, and music is a great medium for helping people connect.  The Aberdeen Music Festival is doing its upmost to fulfil that role and keep the festival going this year.

We are determined to ensure our talented artists still have a competitive and public forum and something to aim for.  As much as possible, we will showcase this talent and hopefully make the entrants proud of what they have achieved.

Of course the reality of costs does not go away, and we have lost all our ticket income this year.  We rely greatly on ticket and entrance income.  We would really welcome any support (financial or otherwise!) you can offer.

Therefore, if you are able, please consider donating one of the sums suggested below.  If you would still like to give, but the sums below do not match your gift, please contact us at and we will of course arrange something.

There are two options to donating, with or without Gift Aid.  If you are a UK tax payer, giving with Gift Aid is preferable as we can top up your donation with an extra 25% from the Government.  Further information on Gift Aid giving is here.

If you are a UK tax payer, and would like 25% added to your donation by the government (it doesn't cost you any more!), click here to donate

If you are not a UK tax payer click here to donate