Trophies & Prizes

Aberdeen & NE of Scotland Music Festival Association
Trophy Listing for 2022 Festival
CC01 Instrumental Instrumental Challenge Federation of British Musical Industries: Silver Challenge Cup
CC02 Vocal Vocal Challenge The late Alex Simpson for Vocal Solo: Silver Challenge Trophy
CH01X Chamber Music Open Fortescue Silver Salver - All; Haston Hands - Recorder only
CH02X Chamber Music 18 & Under Fortescue Silver Salver - All; Haston Hands - Recorder only
P01X Piano Solo Open Alice Law: Prize
P06X Piano Solo Grade 4 Alice Law: Prize
P07X Piano Solo Grade 5-6 Alice Law: Prize
P08X Piano Solo Grade 6-7 Alice Law: Prize
P09X Piano Solo Grade 7-8 Alice Law: Prize
P10X-P15X Piano Repertoire Best performance by a young pianist Irene Long: Memorial Trophy
P17X Piano Baroque Age 12 & Under Margaret Charles: Rosebowl
P21X Piano Bach Open Jean G Donald: Prize
P26X Piano Sonata Mozart Sonata, Open June Maclean: Rosebowl & Prize
P27X Piano Sonata Beethoven Sonata, Open Adeline F Cheyne : Prize
P30X Piano Chopin 18 & Under Agnes Hastings: Trophy
P31X Piano Chopin Open George Hastings: Memorial Trophy
S01X String Solo Open Kreisler Medal - Violin only
S07 Violin Solo Grade 4 Vivaldi Cup
S56-S58X Orchestras Primary-Open The late James Macbeth: Silver Challenge Shield
M01X Group P 3 & Under Aberdeen Infant Mistresses: Trophy
B01X Open Solo Brass Solo Open Premier Challenge Trophy & Prize I
B01X & 13X Trombone Solo Open & 18 & Under Sandy Cuthill Memorial: Trophy & Prize I
B10-B12X Trombone Solo 12, 14,16 & Under Sandy Cuthill Memorial: Prize II
RW01X Open Solo Recorder & Woodwind Open Solo

Recorder - Edmund Greig: Arion Trophy
Woodwind - Top Note: Trophy

RW07 Treble Solo Level 3 Sunhoney Prize
RW08 Treble Solo Level 4 Sunhoney Prize
RW09 Treble Solo Level 5 Sunhoney Prize
RW58 Recorder Groups:
6 or more
Primary 4-5 Mrs Joy Brockley: Ewen Trophy
RW59 Recorder Groups:
6 or more
Primary 6-7 Aberdeen Savings Bank: Silver Challenge Trophy (1)
RW60X Recorder Groups:
6 or more
11 & Under Aberdeen Savings Bank: Silver Challenge Trophy (2)
SD14X Solo Verse Open The Association: Gold Medal
SD17 Scots Verse Age 12-16 Scots Verse Award
SD20 Scots Verse - Burns 11 and under Aberdeen Burns Association: Silver Cup
SD21 Scots Verse - Burns Age 12-17 Aberdeen Burns Association: Crawford Douglas Cup
SD39 Sight Reading Winners & Runners Up From Classes SD37 & SD38. The Association: Silver Medal
SD41 Public Speaking
- Solo
Age 12-16 Mr and Mrs E S Massie: Aberdeen Junior Chamber of Commerce Trophy
SD42 Public Speaking
- Solo
Open J G Burnett Esq of Powis: Silver Challenge Cup

SD44, 45,

Verse Drama
- Individual

Secondary &

The late Marquis of Aberdeen & Temair: Gold Medal
SD42, 53 & 54 Individual Drama Primary-Open McGill Prize in Memory of Annie Inglis
T01 Scott Skinner Open Scott Skinner Memorial Committee: Silver Challenge Trophy
T02 Any Instrument
Open Ina Smith Challenge Trophy
T03-7 Any Instrument
Age 9-18 Mrs Shand: Silver
Challenge Trophy for Piano
T05 Any Instrument
12 & Under James C Lyon:
Silver Challenge Trophy
T09 Fiddle Solo
- Traditional
14 & Under J Murdoch Henderson:
Silver medal
T11 Fiddle Solo
- Traditional
16 & Under J Murdoch Henderson: Silver Challenge Trophy
T13 Fiddle Solo
- Traditional
18 & Under Aberdeen & Strathspey Reel Society, in memory of Alex Sim: Challenge Trophy
T29 Orchestra/
Open Miss M Innes, Tarland, in memory of Alex Innes & Peter Milne: Silver Challenge Cup
V01X Choirs Nursery & Infant School Choir:
P3 & below
Robert Gordon's College Trophy
V02X Choirs Primary School Junior Class Choir (P3-P5) Pupils in a Single Class Maureen Vernal: Trophy
V03X Choirs Primary School Junior Choir (P3-P5) The Association: Trophy
V04X Choirs Primary School Senior Class Choir (P6-7) William Mitchell: Trophy
V05X Choirs Primary School Choir LOAS: Challenge Shield
V06X Choirs Choirs from Primary Schools With Fewer Than 120 Pupils Provost Taylor: Silver Challenge Cup
V07X Choirs Choirs from Primary Schools With Fewer Than 250 Pupils Assoc.: Silver Challenge Shield
V08X Choirs Primary School Age: Scots Song Saltire Society: Trophy
V09X Choirs Choirs: Primary Age Aberdeen Orpheus Choir: Lythe Trophy
V10X Choirs Choirs: S.1-3 Age Feuar Managers of Fraserburgh: Gold Medal
V12X Choirs Secondary School Choirs: S1-S3 The late George Innes:
Silver Bowl
V13X Choirs Female Choir: Secondary Age Paterson Sons & Marr Wood: Gold Medal
V14X Choirs Female Choir: Open Sir R W Smith of Crowmallie: Silver Challenge Cup
V15X Choirs Male Choir: Open Rowland Tims: Silver Medal
V16X Choirs Mixed Voice Choir: Open Feuar Managers of Peterhead: Silver Challenge Shield
V30 Vocal Solos Girls P4 Pam Michie: Award
V35 Vocal Solos Boys P4-5 Scott Luke: Trophy
V39X Vocal Solos Soprano: S5-6 Jean Auchinachie:
Memorial Prize
V41X Vocal Solos Boys S3-4 Donald Sim: Memorial Trophy
V42X Vocal Solos Boys S5-6 Jean Auchinachie: Memorial Prize
Vocal Solos Classical, 
Oratorio Open
Nora Atkins: Memorial Trophy
Vocal Solos Bach Oratorio Open Scott: Trophy
V54X Voice & Piano British Art Song Open: 18 & Over Mrs Lena Dunn Scorgie:
Silver Trophy
V56X Voice & Piano Lieder Open: 18 & Over Hartley: Silver cup
V57X Scots Song Primary Crawford Douglas Cup
V61X Scots Song Open: 18 & Over Mrs John Macdonald:
Silver Rose Bowl
V62X Hebridean
Primary Lorna Sim: Memorial Trophy
V68X Folk Song S1-3 Aberdeen Folk Club for Folk Song: Jeannie Robertson Trophy
V84X,88X Light Music Solo S3-4 Garden: Trophy
V85X,89X Light Music Solo S5-6 Pro Arte Society: Kathleen Stuart Quaich
V86X,90X Light Music Solo Open: 18 & Over Margaret Wright Memorial Trophy