Video Submission

Video submissions for the 2021 are not yet open.  Please do not try and submit yet.

However, here is some advice for preparing your videos, from the 2020 Festival. These are just a few ideas, but the main thing to do is to enjoy your music, have some fun, and we'll take your videos however they look!

An example video can be found on our YouTube channel.....


A phone camera is perfectly acceptable to use.  If you have a way of supporting it, that would be ideal. Consider using it in landscape mode, it makes it a little nicer for presenting on YouTube and other social media, although portrait videos are acceptable.

A great way of filming is to have your phone or tablet on your music stand, just next to your music. You'll naturally be looking at the camera whenever you're checking the music.

We have found the camera on a laptop works well, as it doesn't need a tripod and is already landscape.


We have all got used to seeing people's living rooms, bedrooms, hallways in TV interviews, so you can be quite relaxed about what background in your house you want to use.  When you set up your camera, have a look at what it shows.  You make want to give the scene a little tidy up, and the less 'busy' the background is, the more people can enjoy your music.  

Try also to make the scene well lit, avoiding harsh shadows and bright lights if you can.



Making an Introduction

Its a good idea to give a short introduction to your piece.  This will not be marked as part of the adjudication, but is good practice.

Accompanying Music

Depending on which category you are entering, you will be advised to play your piece whilst the accompaniment is playing on a speaker, or play the piece into headphones.  If playing through a speaker, make sure the speaker is a little further away from your recording device than your instrument (we want to hear you!) .

Starting the video

It helps us edit the videos if there is a few seconds before and after your piece.  There is no need to do any editing yourself, we will manage that and try and apply the same treatment to everyone's submissions.


Please pay attention to the privacy notice when you submit the video.  You are able to choose whether the video can be used on Social Media or not (of course we'd love to make use of some of these videos to showcase the talent around Aberdeen!