Vocal - Classical Music Monday 13th June -


 To come soon: Programme details can be found here:

 Afternoon Session Monday 13h June

Time Code Class Level
2.00pm V37 Classical Repertoire - Girls S.1-2
2.25pm V38 Classical Repertoire - Girls S.3-4
3.05pm V40 Classical Repertoire - Boys S.1-2
3.15pm See Scots/Folk Classes
4.30pm End (Approximate)

Evening Session Monday 13h June

Time Code Class Level
7.00pm V47X Oratorio Senior Secondary
7.15pm V48X Oratorio Open
7.35 pm V49X Bach   Senior Secondary
7.45pm V50X Bach   Open
7.55pm V45X Operatic   Senior Secondary
8.15pm V46X Operatic   Open
8.35pm V43X Classical Senior Secondary
9.00pm V44X Classical Open
9.40pm End (Approximate)

 Morning Session Friday 17th June

Time Code Class Level
9.30am V31 Classical Solos - Girls P.5
9.55am V30 Classical Solos - Girls P.4
10.15pm V32 Classical Solos - Girls P.6
10.35am V33 Classical Solos - Girls P.7
11.15am V36 Classical Solos - Boys P.6-7
11.25am See Light Music
12.30pm End (Approximate)