JUNE 2023
Sadly there is no “whatever" section this year due to lack of volunteers to run the Charity.
If you wish the Charity to continue in the future please contact

Adjudicator: N/A

Classs in this section are non-competitive.  Adjudication will include an opportunity for shared discussion of ideas with the Adjudicator, in a workshop format.

A printed copy of the composition, with title and composer's name, should be sent to the Festival Office at NESPA, c/o Edinburgh Print Spaces, 4th Floor, H1 Building, Hill of Rubislaw, Anderson Drive, AB15 6XL to arrive no later than Friday 27th May 2022.
Please Note: It is the responsibility of the entrant to arrange for the performance of his/her composition, although the entry will not be judged on the performance.

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