Legal Requirements

Performers are responsible for ensuring that they do not infringe copyright law. This affects works by living composers/authors, by those who have died within the last 70 years, or from an edition published less than 25 years ago. For all such works, both the performer(s) and accompanist must use an original for their performance.

A performer may make one copy of a work for the adjudicator provided that the performer has already purchased their own copy and that the copy made is retained and destroyed by the adjudicator immediately after the festival.  The copy must be marked with “Adjudicator copy – Destroy after use.”

All other copies used for the performance (e.g. by the performer and/or accompanist) must be originals.  Performers are advised that the concession applies only where the copyright holder is a member of the Music Publishers Association. Please refer to for a list of members and associated companies. It is the performer’s own responsibility to ensure that he/she seeks permission to copy direct from any copyright holder whose name does not appear in the MPA list. Copies for the adjudicator must be legible and properly bound.

It is the policy of the Festival Association to inform and involve parents, guardians, carers, teachers and volunteers to ensure the smooth running of the Festival in partnership, to create as far as is reasonably practicable, an environment in which everyone feels safe, comfortable and respected.

Responsibility for the supervision of children and vulnerable adults attending the Festival in any capacity lies with parents/guardians/carers who should ensure that those under their charge are accompanied and supervised by responsible adults acting on their behalf at all times.

Members of the audience are not permitted to take any form of photograph or make any type of video or audio recording during a performance.  The festival has an Official Photographer who may be present at a session.

The personal data of performers and applicants provided when an entry is submitted, updated or amended will be used for making and communicating the arrangements necessary for performance at the Festival, for Programme preparation and publication, and if applicable, for results dissemination. The Festival Privacy Notice is available on the website and explains in detail what data is collected and for what purpose.